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The ancient Indian Philosophy of Yoga is a 5000-year-old mind and body practice. Yoga is fundamentally a spiritual and scientific discipline that focuses on unifying mind and body. The origin of the word ‘Yoga’ is from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj,’ which means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite.’
The culture of yoga originated in the Indus Saraswati Valley civilization – dating back to 2700 B.C.; and has provided both, material and spiritual upliftment of humanity. Yoga Sadhana is a practice that brings people wisdom, virtue and welfare. In Indian traditions, yoga is not only a meditative and spiritual practice but also a physical exercise. While in modern-day Indian practices, yoga has also evolved into a competitive exercise that lets the practitioners compete in a healthy environment and engage in complex yoga asanas.
Therefore, for the preservation and development of yoga as a competitive sport, a national-wide federation was required to be constituted at National level to promote ‘Yogasana As A Sport’. In view to the realization of that need, the Yogasana Bharat of India came into existence.


as a SPORT

It is believed that yoga competitions began over hundreds of years ago in India. Today several yoga competitions are held all over the world and at various levels.

The concept of Yogasana as a sport is quite promising. As we all know, immemorial yoga has been a way to improve the physical and mental well-being of people of all ages and fitness levels. And now Yogasana as a sport will also preserve India’s rich culture and heritage. Yogasanas keep every muscle in the body engaged. It is a full-body workout and thus is a very effective form of physical activity.

Yogasana as a competitive sport can develop an interest in yoga among people across the world. The Fit India Movement initiated by the Indian Government has gained impetus and the Government has promoted yoga as a healthy practice to stay fit. Since the inception of International Yoga Day, the growth prospect for Yoga has been immense.

Yogasana as a sport may not be welcomed by some yoga practitioners, at the early stages of the inception, but gradually, it will be further integrated with the athletic and will be seen as a way to have a healthy and competitive life. However, even in the history of Indian mythology, there existed competitions and thus Yogasana as a sport will be accepted easily. And in modern times when physical fitness is being given importance, promoting Yogasana as a sport will increase participation and preserve the rich culture it has a base with.

Yoga organizations and institutions worldwide have been campaigning to turn yoga asana into a competitive sport. Despite yoga having strong roots in India, it is extremely popular in the west. The demand for yoga is growing in Europe and America.

Yogasanaas an Olympic event would create a widespread opportunity for expanding awareness of yoga and its myriad health benefits.


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Better breath control helps in reducing performance anxiety and improving concentration. Yoga improves breath control. Better control over breathing is what makes a sportsman better.
The practice of Yoga links the mind-body and athletes stand to benefit from this combination of skills training.
Yoga routines involve slow and steady flexibility exercises that are ideal for athletes.
Regular yoga training increases flexibility and range of motion while releasing muscle tension. Improved range of motion and increased stability make an athlete better. Stability exercises are often ignored by athletes but are one of the most effective ways to fix muscle imbalances.
With most weight training routines, you perform repetitive motions that help develop some muscle groups while others are ignored. Yoga helps fix these imbalances.
Regular yoga can improve sports skills and overall fitness.


as a SPORT

There are endless benefits to promoting Yogasana as a sport.

We should preserve, cultivate and celebrate the rich ancient heritage of India in the form of yoga as a sport.

Asanas which are important components of yoga are intended to keep the body healthy.

Asanas help in exercising every muscle, nerve and gland in the human body.

Without putting any cardiovascular strain on the body, asanas aid in maintenance and improvement of health.

Sports promote mental and physical well-being and that is precisely what Yoga stands for.

An unhealthy body cannot focus, meditate or attain a state of oneness with nature. Thus, asanas are considered as the first and the most significant stage of yoga.

Practicing asanas improve athletic performance.

Asanas make our muscles strong and toned, our body flexible and helps regulate other systems of the body keeping it healthy and efficient enough to meet emergencies.